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Volkov Andrey


“If you ask me what art is I can’t tell you. If you don’t ask me, I know immediately”



One of the most difficult questions for me is one about the style. It turns me back to borders and limitations, while my understanding of the sense of creation is a search of freedom. Nevertheless, any continuous process implies  a certain method and language. It was not a «choice of a style», but looking for personal, inherent media.

My first visual memories are of  the paintings by my father, uncle and grandfather that hung around my cradle together with  early European works from the family collection. Abstract and representative, classic and modern – an integral environment of art. It was not a permanent exhibition – paintings were rehung (one of my favourite childhood games) – for exhibitions, or, more often, home-shows because were were living in a time of and bureaucratic control. Looking at father´s work in the studio, family atmosphere, and a feeling of pure happiness during a first experience of mixing colors, without «artistic tasks» - thus painting became my mother tongue - in spite of being declared dead, as I was told later.

Of course, later a painter has to go through years of study and  experimenting as a professional to feel the temptations of «pure classic» and «hip contemporary». You have to experience many things before discovering and gaining confidence in your own style.

My paintings use colour as a language or a  «metaphor», in a way that is closer to poetry than philosophy. but without words or music without sound. that is in a way closer to poetry than philosophy. It is a sort of a poetry beyond words, or music without  sound. Minimising representational side of a picture, I´m trying to reach maximum phonation of each color. I discovered the expressive power of red  in 2000 while working on& «The Red Mirror», and have been under its spell ever since. Reds seems to have inexhaustible possibilities - both warm and cold, expressive and silent. – you just have to compare the reds in Russian icons, in trecento paintings or in Malevich and Rothko to understand the power of this colour. When using oil paint,  red  can be both translucent and opaque, a thick paste or a delicate lacquer. It´s possible to express almost everything with red and it´s just beautiful.

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