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William Wambugu


William is still a young artist who has had little exposure but has great creativity. He was trained at art and design school and followed workshops and extra art lessons where he forged his truly personal style. He lives through his art instead of just practicing it. He explores his personal world and perceptions like the kaleidoscope of human kind. Out of each detail he deducts a universal comprehension of the world he is living in.

William is a meticulous observer who talks about the people of Kenya . More precisely about the objects that surround them. Each object with its own means depicts the changes of the fast growing society. He uses black ink on paper or cardboard to trace delicate lines. The objects depicted are either real or shadow, it depends from witch point of view you see them.

For his second group show, William has made an "Anthology" of the tools used in the rural area of his homeland Nyeri. Like the “Madeleine” of Proust, he records and carefully draws each of them not to be forgotten by future generations. The representation is delicate and simple and at the same time it has strength. The drawings are like a page of an Encyclopaedia or an Anthology explaining and describing a entire group of people by their habits and traditions. As they are gathered on the wall, one could surprisingly wonder about the possible transformation of these quiet tools into weapons.

William was born in 1983 in Nairobi where he lives and works. He will be having his first solo show in Brussels in the early summer.

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