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Vladislav Efimov




Both as a conceptualist artist and a photographer, Vladislav Efimov has always been concerned with objects. This has been the case ever since his first solo exhibition of a set of images of objects, in the “Shkola” gallery in 1991.


Later he turned to real objects, rather than their images. He then evolved from a “chamber” photographer into a video and media artist, working with the computer adept Aristakh Chernyshevsky (Moscow) and Sergei Denisov (St. Petersburg). He also established himself as a noteworthy professional photographer of architecture for various journals.


Meanwhile, his beloved objects underwent extraordinary transformations in various interactive installations: they grew feathers, appeared in a fiery halo, made table formations or lined up in ranks, formed absurd organisms and mechanisms. They did “genetic gymnastics”, or self-destructed after being photographed and lay down in small box-coffins.


Efimov has always lived and worked in small premises, surrounded by a multitude of objects, from old useless things to modern gadgets and professional equipment. However, in his living space, there is none of that romantic chaos associated with creative natures. All the small objects are neatly tidied away, awaiting that magic moment when they will be made to come alive. The artist’s source of inspiration, though, does not come so much from fairy-tales, as from alchemy and the mythology of classical science. His chosen objects are either old-fashioned or extremely simple.


As photographer, Efimov has produced a meticulous inventory of the Constructivist architecture of Petersburg (then Leningrad) and Moscow. His work is represented as a series of photos and luminous boxes. His “New Leningrad” exhibition will be presented in Brussels on 30th March 2011 in Roots Contemporary. In 2009, Efimov won the Innovatsia prize for the best Russian artist, with a project on radio and free speech. He has had exhibitions in Russia, France, Sweden, and Germany. He is official photographer for the NCCA Moscow Modern Art Centre.


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