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Yang Hui-Bahai


Yang Hui known as Bahai, graduated from the National Academy of Decorative Arts in Beijing. He participates at the New Wave of Chinese Art in the 80´in Shanghai. He was Professor of Art at the University of Light Industry in Shanghai, Fine Arts Department from 1986 to 1990.

He is recognised as one of the major abstract Chinese Painters. His name is reported in the “History of Chinese Contemporary art 1985-1986”(1991) and in “The History of abstract Shanghai Art”(2006).The Shanghai born artist immigrates to France after Tiananmen. He is Chinese by birth, French by nationality and Shanghanese in his heart.

Bahai works since 20 years between France and China. He has participated to numerous exhibitions, solo or group in Galleries and Museum all over China, Taiwan, France and Russia. In Shanghai, Bahai is also known as the testimony photographer of the 1990. In 2007, his solo exhibition: “The old folk in the teahouses” at the Duolun Museum Of Contemporary Art, brings him back on the front of the art scene. Curated by Jiang Wei, the exhibition creates a link between Chinese abstract painting and the reality of Chinese life.

Born in 1962, lives and works in Shanghai.

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