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Krotova Dasha




Dasha Krotova focuses on the insignificant things of life, on that which has been lost. For her, the very material with which she works ceramics is precious through its peculiar, extreme fragility. Unlike bronze, marble, and all that which is used to impart longevity to an object, ceramics break easily. Ceramics have a strange type of eternity -that of remains, of the fragment, which the archaeologist will one day find during an excavation.

The fragile and the ephemeral, the insignificant, the every-day suddenly become eloquent as the years and centuries go by. They do not so much speak of the tastes and aesthetics of the time, but rather of mankind itself. Ceramics are a testimony, a sign, burnt clay, malleable material, a metaphor for human flesh itself, which bears marks of time and change.


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