rue du collège 33 brussels 1050


Chai Yiming




Chai Yiming is like a sorcerer: only when God wakes up in him and gives him the urge to work, does he set to work. He is only a vector, allowing a higher existence to control him.


The multiple worlds which are apparent in Yiming’s works amaze the viewer. In these worlds, reality becomes a fantasy, nothing has anything to do with the profane world and everything evolves in a somnambulistic state. The artist himself then becomes a “waking sleepwalker”, walking in all directions. Or to put it differently, Yiming is a “sleeping” artist: in this sleeping state, he is permanently creating. Whenever he leaves daily life behind and enters the unfettered world of his art, a myriad of images pour out of his chaotic consciousness onto the paper, like snowflakes falling onto the ground. He then drifts among these aimless images, and this for him is a happy and light-hearted moment.


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